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Easy and efficient tracking of your

network status

Diacom OLiD Optical Line Identification, is a Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG) based online network monitoring system to track the entire status of the network connection from a single, central terminal. This enables enormous cost savings in network installation, debugging and maintenance. OLiD is well suited for point-to-point networks such as PPPoE Ethernet access networks, CaTV/Docsis FTTH networks or data centers.

The solution at a glance

  • For the installer to install like a standard OTO socket

  • Fast line inspection - approx. 500 lines per day

  • Fully replaces red light inspection

  • One-man inspection (reduction of inspection resources)

  • No access to private premises required

  • Total inspection of all splice points and error sources

  • Quick detection of errors and rapid troubleshooting

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